L.L.Bean’s Clever New Print Ad

Marketing should embody exactly what your brand stands for.  Not just communicate your brand, but BE the brand.  L.L.Bean had a recent example that we feel hits the nail right on the head.  This clever new print ad that is barely there until activated by sunlight.


Yep, that’s correct, you have to physically go outside to get the ad to show.  Cool right?  It was designed out of an agency named VIA in Portland, Maine.  It was published last September in the New York Times.  If read indoors, only a few key words show – “Just bring this outside.”

L.L.Bean themselves have launched a new tagline, “Be an Outsider”.  Do you think this captures what they are looking for?  If you are confused by Just bring this outside, there is a small tagline on the bottom stating –

“No, seriously. Take this outside.”

clever new print ad

The ad is created with something called photochromic ink, which is colorless indoors but turns different colors when exposed to ultaviolet light.  Neat right?!?!  CTI inks in Colorado helped supply the ink and VIA brought it to life! From Teddy Stoecklein, Executive Creative Director at VIA,

“VIA wanted to do it in a way that made sense and encouraged people to get outside. How do you get people outside? You write the manifesto in invisible ink that can only be seen in sunlight,” he said. “It took the confluence of a great strategy, a creative solution and incredible technology for VIA to pull off a modern twist using a traditional medium.”

For a full read of the L.L.Bean Manifesto –

Welcome to the outside.

Where there are no strangers.

Only friends you haven’t met yet.

Where days have names
like beach, snow, and bluebird.

And where the smell of a campfire
means you’re in the right place.

You don’t need a passport to come here.

An invitation to play here.

Or a membership to belong here.

Just step outside your front door,
and you’ve arrived.

You can forget your age, your worries,
even your bathing suit.

Just don’t forget to bring your friends.

It doesn’t matter where you come from.

Only that you come often.

So wherever you are, join us.

Because on the inside, we’re all outsiders.

And if it’s outside, we’re all in.

Be an Outsider.


Source: Adweek

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