Keeping Creativity Alive: Pantone Connect Offers FREE Access

Pantone Connect

In an effort to keep the design community well supported and united during COVID-19, Pantone Connect is free for the next 3 months

From now until July 1st, the Pantone Connect Extension for Abode’s Creative Cloud will be available through unlimited and free access. Pantone aims to support the design community during this time, where some designers working from home may not have the tools they require.

“Pantone Connect gives you full access to the most up-to-date Pantone Color Libraries directly in your design software, plus the ability to build and share palettes with teammates, convert and cross-reference colors, and more,” Pantone said in an Instagram post announcing their decision.

The company is also crediting current subscribers with 3 additional months, easing financial strain on those in the creative community who’ve been impacted by the economic fallout surrounding COVID-19.

“Adversity often inspires the greatest creativity. We look forward to seeing what you create during this unconventional time,” concluded Pantone’s statement.

Read the full post below, and install Pantone Connect here.

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