Jason Shudy

Jason Shudy’s passion for printing all started in Mr. Lunwigsen’s graphic arts class at John Hersey High School.  Learning all about printing freshman year Jason decided to continue the graphics arts class for the next three years. Like every senior Jason did not know what he wanted to do next, but he had a passion for printing and decided to look at several universities with print programs. Jason attended Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan and enrolled in their print management program. Over the next 4 years, Jason learned everything from how to strip up film to how to operate a press. One requirement was to do an internship and, with Jason being from Chicago he was happy to find a spot over the summer at Elk Grove Graphics.

After his senior year at Ferris State University, Jason accepted a sales position with Elk Grove Graphics.  The next 4 years flew by and Jason had learned the ins and outs of the company and built a solid customer base. Like all jobs, Jason was looking for his next challenge and accepted a position in sales with Darwill. The decision to leave Elk Grove Graphics was difficult, but Jason was looking forward to the 40 inch offset press market and direct mail capabilities that Darwill provided to his customer base.Over the next two years Jason learned more about the print industry and the niche Darwill filled for customers.

In the winter of 2011 Jason was approached by Veritas Document Solutions and parent company Consolidated Graphics to take on the role of national business development. This was a complete change for Jason as Veritas specialized in Insurance, Financial and Healthcare print programs and front-end automation software. Although it was still printing, it was a change from transactional print to print programs, front-end automation and the national capabilities of Consolidated Graphics. Jason looks forward to continuing his journey in the print industry and seeing what changes will take place over the coming years. In January 2014, Consolidated Graphics and Veritas were purchased by RR Donnelley.

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  1. Hi Jason and Brian
    I very much enjoy your blog.
    I own and operate a small print shop in South Western Ontario (Canada) and have just started to jump into the world of online digital marketing. The articles on your blog I find very interesting and useful and I was wondering if I could have your permission to occasionally share some of your content on my website. Always looking for good content that I think my clients and prospective clients might enjoy. Like I said I’m just getting started so I won’t be sharing it with many readers but I do think it would help drive traffic to my site.
    Please let me know.
    Thank you

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