Something New – Japanese Stab Binding

Fairly often I am asked to find a home for projects that are not your standard print work.  With so many intricate ways to produce a printed piece – you can imagine the questions I sometimes hear.  For instance, the day Motorola X came out with their interactive magazine ad, I had numerous requests for more information in regards to this type of advertisement.  Yesterday was nothing unusual, but what I learned was fairly outside of my “core” of knowledge so I thought I would share.

Which brings me to – Japanese Stab Binding.  Sounds interesting right?  Well here is a picture –


The Japanese Stab Binding technique is ideal for binding single sheets of paper in soft covers and can be used for diaries, class notes, phone messages, recipes, and school or business reports.  Most types of papers-handmade, commercial or tracing papers, even acetate can be used for Japanese stab binding.

Here is a good walkthrough tutorial

And a few cool pictures I found online as a final note




Does anyone have domestic experience producing binding like this?  If so, I’d love to hear where – and how it went.



~Source: Sea Lemon,

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