Inkjet ROI

The pluses and minuses of inkjet ROI talks about how and if inkjet can provide a positive ROI for your company. Since inkjet has been taking over so quickly many people have not looked at the ROI.

Many factors are weighted when it comes to pluses and minuses of inkjet. The biggest consideration of all is productivity. It’s the game-changer that can make the ROI decision a virtual no-brainer. Right off the bat, the high speeds of solutions like the CiPress or Impika family of printers allow you to produce more in a shift, a day, a year. It’s an ever-present truth, not only about print, but about every kind of manufacturing. Produce more in a finite amount of time, and the costs come down. It’s true in every business, but nowhere more than ours. It’s that calculation that happens multiple times a day—is this job best produced digitally or offset?

So take a look at the article and give us some feedback on your experience when weighing the pluses and minuses of inkjet ROI.

Source: Xerox

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