Hospitals: A Printing GOLDMINE

Good Morning Fellow Print Nuts!

I have an announcement to make –

Meet Jack Edward Szubinski


My wife and I are pleased to announce the birth of our baby boy.

He was born last monday and my wife and I spent the majority of last week at Prentice Hospital in downtown Chicago.  Great place, great people.  While living in the hospital the first few days were a blur.  A newborn is every bit of the challenge/ whirlwind I thought it would be. The hours instantly started flying by me an it wasn’t until day 3 that I started to find some clarity.

And that’s when I saw it.  Tons of it.  Pouring out of the walls, the drawers, the cabinets.  Print.  It was oozing from every crack and crevice of this place.

Close your eyes and picture all the print one hospital must have.  For starters, the forms and labels.

Hospital forms are a beast all to the their own.  Wristbands, admittance paperwork, legal documents, the chart your information is logged on, even the informational packets they hand out.  I bet I walked home with over 100 sheets of printed paper and duplicate form copies.  That a lot of paperwork.

Signage too, was everywhere.

Every door, bathroom, closet and hallway had directional signage, ADA Signage, and nameplates.  There was also a fire exit sign in every room, as well as newborn checklists printed on dry erase boards.

All of this print you would probably expect.  Nothing about this stuff surprised me.

What surprised me was the Contract Product Packaging.  Every little thing the nurses and doctors used came in a package.  A printed package.  Just think of these common items – all have print on them.

Even the IV bags had print on them!

Every little component that keeps this place ticking has print on it.  An ID, a manufacturing companies name, and an expiration date.  Then just think how many brands, sizes and variations there are of this packaging.  Very quickly it amounts to a whole lot of InkOnDaPaper.

Next time you set foot in a hospital, take a peek around.  You will for sure find print in the places you often overlook.  Print that you touch and use daily, without noticing.  Print that helps keep the world turning.



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