High end wrapping paper for the Holidays

I wanted my post today to be a tutorial of how wrapping paper for christmas presents is made.  The paper making process has been featured here at InkOnDaPaper a few times before – but I thought the holiday twist to the printing process would make the post extra festive.  Upon searching for a tutorial though, I found something better. A video walkthrough of Handmade and Silkscreen Printed wrapping paper.

Mechanically, wrapping paper is printed on a rotogravure press at very high speeds.  The jobs print roll to roll – not typically sheeted.  Here is a quick overview of that process

hpm_0000_0006_0_img0140But this company – Vividwrap – they produce high end wrapping paper via handmade processes.

You can check out their website Here.

They pulp and then mechanically roll out the paper via handmade press.  Then they color by dipping the sheets into large vats of colored dyes.  Lastly they silkscreen print and add finishing touches like glitter or foil.

The video here is sure to impress –

Next holiday season when you are wrapping that package for a special someone – you might want to think about making even the wrapping paper extra special though a company like this.

Happy Holiday Printheads!

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