Help Save the Bees with this Paper

Charles Darwin once said, “The life of man would be made extremely difficult if the bee disappeared.”  In this day and age, Bees are in trouble.  The average bee has to fly farther and farther to find the plants they need and this creates exhaustion and loss of life.  Consider this paper a “Red Bull” for bees along their journey.  The extra boost they need to get the job done.  It’s not new news that we are losing the bee and this product is designed to combat that very problem.  This paper is designed to help save the bees.

help save the bees

We’ve featured fancy papers here before, like the LL Bean Light Sensitive Paper, but this paper is something even more powerful.  The paper is packed full of great things to help save the bees.  Things bees love, like honey plant seeds and glucose.  In addition, the paper is printed with a water based UV ink, and produced on 100% biodegradable paper.  This paper is advertised as “Probably the first paper nature would love you to drop”.  While we don’t condone littering here at InkOnDaPaper, we do live the thought put behind this new paper creation.

“Bee Saving Paper is covered with water-based UV paint, with a pattern full of circles visible only to bees. Why did we choose red circles? What we see as a beautiful meadow, bees see as a field of red circles. These ultraviolet patterns often outline “landing zones” for bees, pointing them towards the parts of plants that contain nectar and pollen. Could there be any better way to attract bees to our paper?”

Check out this great video from the team behind the paper

Citybees – City bees is an initiative promoting the life of bees in cities. It aims to ignite in people the passion for bees by helping to set up city hives located on roofs and teaching people how to live a more environmentally-friendly balanced life.  Founded in 2014, it not only helps people understand bees better, but above all, it inspires urban communities to care about them, wherever they come across even a single bee.



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