Guaranteed Laugh on a Monday Morning

My print world extends well past your traditional print items.  The industry goes so much deeper than mailings, and brochures.  Print to me also includes everything from mugs, trinkets, toys, and electronics, to the embroidered clothing of the promotional print industry.  Imagine how much larger of an industry this really is when you capture all of the promotional item spend too!

Quick, look down at the pen on your desk.  Logo?  Or how about the cellphone stand next to your monitor – logo?  Surely the coffee cup on your desk right?

Today’s post brings to you one of my favorite items of the past week.  The promotional boogie bot from clegg promo.

and here are these little dudes in action –

As you can see, the chest plate can be branded with any logo of your choosing – in 4 color printing.  What a great leave behind from a sales meeting.  Surely someone would not just throw this in the trash.  I think I had it in my hand more than 30 minutes on friday laughing and showing my co-workers.

If you have never checked out Clegg promo – here is a quick blurb –

CleggPromo has been a leader in product innovation in the promotional merchandise industry for over 25 years.  With the inception of the TRC (Telephone Ringing Card) in the late 80’s, and the invention of the blinking button soon thereafter, we have separated ourselves from day to day promotional product clutter.

Our owner has been granted over twenty utility patents for many products including Custom Sound Cards, Talking Mailing Tubes, Telephone Ringing Cards and Video in Print Cards.  Currently, CleggPromo holds over 22 patents in its arsenal of promotional products.

Definitely a site you may want to take some time to check out.

Have a great monday Print Nerds

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