A GREAT Day to be a Print Blogger

I woke up and instantly felt like today was going to be a great day.  I slept great, the alarm wasn’t “alarming” and my son was still asleep when I walked out the door.  I decided public transit was a better option than the moped today.  They are calling for rain shortly after 3pm, and I wasn’t about to get soaked head to toe on a day as great as this.

I strolled out the door and I was still feeling great – in the words of a Simpsons Character – Everything was “Coming up Milhouse”


On my walk to the train – I spotted a great little piece of printed graffiti that brightened my day too!


A sweet little reminder of the fact that print is everywhere – even where it shouldn’t be.

Then, on my train ride in, it hit me.  I suddenly knew why today was going so great – TODAY IS INKONDAPAPER’S ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY!

I just knew there had to be some underlying reason why today just felt so darn good!  Happy Birthday to the Blog Jason and I started over stacks of beers one year ago today!  We may have had this idea for longer, but actually buying the site and putting some fingers to the keyboard started on August 22nd, 2013 at 8PM.

Right out of the gate, the goal was just to get this moving.  We have definitely done that.

The GOAL now is to really spread the ink on da paper.  To reach as many as possible.

Have you enjoyed the first year of InkOnDaPaper’s posts?  We sure hope you have.  If you would like to guest write or even write a monthly column here for InkOnDaPaper – we are all ears.

We sure hope you follow us another year – and if you are ready – pitch in and help us spread some ink.

Also – A big round of applause to both my wife and Jason’s wife

Thank you for pushing us to start this great blog.

HERE’s to another great year at INKONDAPAPER!

Cheers and Happy Friday Ya’ll




5 thoughts on “A GREAT Day to be a Print Blogger

  1. Grats on the Great Day and the Anniversary….. Mine is still in my head; maybe a goal or two is in order.
    Really enjoy your blog and will be sending forward to others. Best wishes on going forward!!

  2. Congratulations! On your first year. I know I’m your Mother and think almost everything you do is cool. I’m very proud of you and the blog. It’s so fun to read.

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