Getting Practical with 3D Printing

3D Printing is everywhere.  You can’t click through design blogs anymore without constantly seeing newer and cooler applications for this “print” process.  We have even seen companies start 3d printing their own circuit boards – check it out Here.  Digging back through our old posts you will find at least 10 about some form of 3D printing application.  Speakers, Mini magazines, shoes and even babies have been covered on this blog.  Here’s the deal though, there is SO MUCH MORE out there!

Some good, some necessary, and some off the wall – here are the latest and greatest applications of 3D Printing.

3D Printed Casts

3D Printing

“A 3d printed medical cast could help bones to heal up to 40 per cent faster.

The black cast, known as the Osteoid, uses an ultrasound system which makes bones heal more quickly.

With a lattice pattern, it is filled with ventilation holes which the designer says means it does not smell or itch- unlike traditional casts.

The cast is combined with a low intensity pulsed ultrasound system, known as LIPUS, for 20 minutes a day, which the designer claims will reduce the healing process of fractures by up to 38 per cent.

The system could also increase the healing rate of ‘non-union’ fractures, in which the bones have shown no improvement in three to six months, by up to 80 per cent.”


Or how about a “3D” printer that makes pizzas!

Or even a 3D Printed car

Urbee 2 looks more like a jelly bean than a car. But it’s actually the first vehicle in existence that has been manufactured chiefly from 3D-printed parts”


What do you think?  Any of these uses surprise you?  think these are pretty amazing uses of this technology.

I’ll leave you with one REALLY BAD application here –

Happy Friday Print Nerds!

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