What is the Future for Print?

What is the Future for Print?

I came across this article last night as I was reviewing some information for the blog and I found it to be very interesting. Why you might ask? Well everyone today everyone asks where is print going, is print dead, does print have a future, why should we use print? Trust me I could go on and on with the questions.

I found this article interesting because of the format the author put it in. Each question talks about a specific part of the industry and the author addresses his stance on each. Below I have outlined each question for you to review and think about.

  • What is the future of print as a process?
  • What is the future of print as a medium?
  • What is the future of print as a business model?
  • What is the future of print as an industry?
  • What is the future of print as a trade association?

I believe that the future of print will evolve with marketing over time as it has with personalized print over the past decade. The industry as a whole can adapt quickly and evolve much better than people understand. Really if you think about it the industry as a whole has been on the cutting edge of technology. Volumes may drop off and you may have new and different vehicles to utilize, but at the end of the day print will always be viable especially when people stare at computers all day. Print gives them something different that they can’t get from a screen. The touch, feel and scent which plays nicely with our senses.

What do you think the future of print is? Would you answer these 5 questions or would you give one over-lining answer?

Please share your answer in the comments section and let us know.

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2 thoughts on “What is the Future for Print?

  1. If I was a copywriter my answer would be like yours…..since I’m not, I would give the one answer to all questions: The overall print industry is more diverse than most think. Like your post on the “print” bicycle, there are commodity types of print and custom-made as well as some who prefer to have a local printing company/group to work face to face with. Then there are copiers, offset ink presses, in a wide variety of sizes (pending the job/order). No print will never be dead in my opinion because a printed piece can sometimes be better/longer lasting, than forgetting where we found it or saved it in a post, email, system file/folder. (Never know when our i-phone will go down or get shut-off or the fact that one day the whole “internet” thingy might just be obliterated or controlled for just a few…)

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