Documobi FUSE shown at GRAPH EXPO 2015

Documobi is a next generation mobile company based in the UK & US. It is the only ‘Print to Mobile’ infrastructure specifically designed to digitally enable Print via mobile phones, tablets & wearables. We launched in January 2015.

Documobi has launched its print-to-mobile technology documobiFuse at Graph Expo 2015, which is taking place in Chicago, USA this week. The product was showcased by Documobi chief executive Pete Lancaster and InfoTrends group director Barb Pellow at a seminar yesterday – the first day of the show.

The patented technology allows users to add contextual information to prints through smart mobile devices. When a document is scanned, Fuse creates a tailored campaign for the user. The tool is compatible with multi-channel systems such as XMPie, MindFire and EFI’s DirectSmile, as well as CMS programs including WordPress.

In a white paper published by InfoTrends, Fuse is acknowledged as one of the mobile technologies with a potential to ‘transform every element of business, from marketing, sales, products and the supply chain […] and enhance existing customer experiences and change the way consumers behave, creating new opportunities for highly interactive customer engagement’.

“It’s apparent that the print industry can no longer ignore the mobile revolution,” comments Pellow. “Mobile is a critical part of delivering a marketing strategy and documobiFuse offers a simple and straightforward solution, which will drive profitability for your business.”

After its presentation at Graph Expo, a UK unveiling is planned for October at the Technology Expo in London.

~Source: and Output Magazine

Read more at the Documobi about page HERE

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