Direct Mail: Popular with the Younger Generation?

I believe everyone has this perception that the younger generations are going to respond better to digital marketing vs. traditional marketing like direct mail. Well it looks like this has been proven wrong based on the statistics outlined in the article below. Research studies demonstrate that direct-mail print marketing is an excellent strategy for meaningfully reaching the young adult demographic.

What it really comes down to is that I believe the young adult demographic is sick of looking at screens all day and print marketing brings them information in a different format. Instead of email, social media or pop-up ads they actually have a physical piece of paper that brings them information.

If you market to the younger age groups I would recommend reading the article below and learning more about the statistics they outlined.


Source: Business 2 Community

One thought on “Direct Mail: Popular with the Younger Generation?

  1. I’d suggest that direct mail applies to all ages (not read the link you provided yet but will do). If I had a postcard/leaflet or whatever through the post that simply read ‘To the occupier/home owner’ then I am likely to put it in the bin! If it was addressed to me, then I would at least look at it. Obviously, it is cheaper to print mass amounts of generic print than it is to print an addressee (i.e variable data print) but if it gets a better response…

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