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If you are a regular follower, you will know that InkOnDaPaper loves to look back and see how far the printing industry has come over the years.  A look back at the processes that became how we lay ink on substrates today fascinates and drives us.  Custom printed fabric is becoming common in the marketplace but just a few short years ago Spoonflower broke this market wide open.  They delivered custom printed fabric created by YOU to your doorstep.

How does the process work to create custom printed fabric?  It’s as simple as you think actually.  Create and upload your own image, Select the sizing and fabric choice (they even do wallpaper coverings now), and Spoonflower will produce your custom piece and deliver it to your doorstep.  Easy.

At Spoonflower we make it possible for individuals to design, print and sell their own fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap. It was founded in May 2008 by two Internet geeks who had crafty wives but who knew nothing about textiles. The company came about because Stephen’s wife, Kim, persuaded him that being able to print her own fabric for curtains was a really cool idea. She wasn’t alone. The Spoonflower community now numbers over a million individuals who use their own fabric to make curtains, quilts, clothes, bags, furniture, dolls, pillows, framed artwork, costumes, banners and much, much more. The Spoonflower marketplace offers the largest collection of independent fabric designers in the world.

Spoonflower sure has come a long way in just a few short years.

A look at the company back in 2009 –

and now spoonflower today –

Do you have your own custom printed fabric from spoonflower?  If not, you can check out the site at the source link below and perhaps make your first purchase.  If you have already purchased from spoonflower, how was the experience?  Please share below!

~Source: Spoonflower

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