Crossover Points for Shorter Runs

I found this article quite interesting when I stumbled upon it in the Printing Sales Professionals group on LinkedIn. What caught my eye is that today crossover points for offset vs. digital are a lot different then a few years ago. Depending on what business your in I’m sure you have run into this problem a LOT. Well at least I do, especially in my current position.

Many times we will have a piece that is running out of its life cycle and instead of printing another 50,000 quantity we instead only run 5,000 on the digital press. The key for each project is finding that crossover point and deciding which is more cost-effective.

As we move to shorter-runs it is imperative that printers find the crossover point and show clients that they can produce projects on both digital vs. offset without much quality difference. Also showing that they know which will be more cost-effective on each press is important.

Take a look at the article and share any stories you have about this subject.

Source: Printing Impressions

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