Creative Ads use Print to the Max

Print and Advertising go hand in hand and in these creative Ads the print really shines through.  Check out some of these amazing and brilliant ad campaigns and how they use print and the surrounding environment to design BIG.

Companies send a lot of money on trying to catch your attention, in this collection you’ll find creative advertising that probably reached their goal.


Like this FLEA ad – look at the size of that floor graphic!


Or this creatively printed lid,

Creative Gun Shot


Even this use of Pole Graphics – both adhesive vinyl and vinyl banner materials.


How easy is this?  Just a simple decal on the inside of the glass.

google-streetview-adand the same with this ad from Google Streetview.  Great uses of adhesive vinyl!


This one is my favorite of them all – just a small diecut piece of of 12pt C2S cardstock with a two way piece of removable tape – what a great leave behind for any pizza delivery company.

Did we get your creative juices flowing on a Friday?! We sure hope so – and if you need more inspiration the full article can be found here.

~Source: Designer Daily

One thought on “Creative Ads use Print to the Max

  1. Some very creative and ingenious bits of advertising here. The benefits of eye catching and engaging print media cannot be overstated. It’s becoming more and more important to print material that isn’t just ignored but actually makes the audience think, smirk or even chuckle to themselves!

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