A Couple New Additions to the Print Antique Collection

If you follow this blog – you probably have seen a snippet or two of my print antique collection.  I started collecting antiques and relics of our industry shortly after graduating college and over the last 8 years or so the collection has grown quite a bit.   It started with a box of antique wood type, and has grown into a smathering of all different sections of the print world.  I have typesetting tools, antique toy printing presses like this one –

stamps, loupes, print stones, and today I add bookmaking equipment to the pile.

What type of bookmaking equipment you may ask?

For starters – I needed some reading material.

This book was printed in 1964 and was a buyers guide to all the tools needed for bookbinding.  Equipment and Supplies for producing quality bookbindings by hand.  Pretty cool right?

Which led me to my next purchase for my Print Antique Collection….a set of antique book binding tools

Now the real question – where can I skin a cow to do this completely old school?  Partially kidding on that one.

It will be cool to buy a few old books and help repair their bindings or replace covers altogether with these tools.  The true craftsmanship that went into bookbinding before mechanical binding….its ART at its finest.  Think back to any book prior to 1900 – it was bound with a similar set of tools as pictured above here.  What an intricate job to perform.

Lastly, I needed some new stuff for my walls.  I bought a 6 picture series, printed in 1960,  depicting the origins of modern printing.  I’ll just show you a peek of that one – because I would like to do a full posting on it soon –

Do you have any print antiques you want to share with your fellow print nerds?  Please reach out below or on our website – we would love to hear more about it.




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