Compostable Mushroom Based Packaging

Mushroom Based Packaging was talked about a few years ago, but Ecovative has really taken this concept to the next level over the past year.  This renewable, natural and home-compostable packaging material is healthy for the planet, and maybe even your packaging budget.  No petro chemicals or plastic materials are involved here at all.  Only a heat treatment finalizes the material and stops the growth process.

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Domestically, Ecovative has partnered with the Sealed Air Coproration for distribution and sales.  You can find out more on where to purchase HERE at the Sealed Air Website

They have recoined it their RESTORE packaging, and it really is a remarkably clean and environmentally safe product.  It works as a fertilizer in your yard once broken down – the organic mushroom material is already used in many different dirt compositions you can buy now at your local Home Depot.

Here is a quick video so you can see how Mushroom Packaging is produced – start to finish

and to go one step further – a few years back there was a TED conference on “Are mushrooms the new plastic?”

If you have a second, this is definitely worth the watch too.

Do you have experience with Mushroom Based Packaging?  We’d love to hear about it below.


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  1. Look what recent technological advances are achieving — packaging made from mushrooms, paper made from the waste of marijuana farming. DUDE, it’s like a dream from the Sixties coming true! Time to dig out the bell bottoms and granny glasses.

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