Clemson University Looks to Partner Printers and Students

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Sales prospecting is the lifeforce that keeps a company growing, but adjusting to today’s sales environment may be difficult for the seasoned sales representative. Capitalizing on the digital resources is a new challenge. The Department of Graphic Communications is offering a class in “Sales Prospecting for the Print Industry” that has a unique educational twist; we are pairing students up with sponsor companies to make the experience a real world practical experience. The course is designed to be a win/win experience; the student researches the needs of the sponsor company and finds 10-targeted leads that fit the profile of their desired customer. Once the leads are presented to the sponsor, the student will do a deep detailed dive on three of the companies selected by the sponsor. The win for the sponsor is a great chance at landing a new customer. This class was run for the first time in the fall of 2013 and many of the sponsors reported back on the quality of the leads and the success of landing new business.

The class starts on August 25th, but we do not pair printers with the student until September 15th. The first 3 weeks of the course are set up to train the students to use the digital resources in the library and social media tools. The Department of Graphic Communications is still looking for a few more printers who want to tap into the resources available at Clemson and connect with the students. By partnering with our students you give them real world prospecting experience. The students work with list companies, LinkedIn, MarketLine Advantage, Mergent Online, ReferenceUSA (a subdivision of Infogroup that includes SalesGenie and InfoUSA), and Experian. They also research general information across the web dealing with vertical markets and trade issues searching for any information that will give you better insight to these potential customers.

There are 16 students signed up for the class we are looking for 16 companies to work with these students. We needed to develop the infrastructure last year and with our plan for more companies and one-on-one interaction with the students, we have set the sponsor rate at $500. Our goal is to give you qualified leads that should help your company acquire one or more new customers. In addition you have first shot an interviewing these students as they graduate. Last year several of our company sponsors did acquired a new customer and finding graduating seniors that not only have an interest in sales, but also have some first hand experience. This may be just what your company needs.

You can download the complete “Sales Prospecting Partnership” proposal online at  If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact Dr. John Leininger or by phone at 864-903-0050. The class is taught in a team mode with Dr. Leininger and Brad Wolff, a seasoned 27-year print sales veteran who has retired and joined the Clemson faculty as an adjunct professor. This is one of two sales classes taught within the department, and we are also searching for sales internship experiences for these students. It is all explained in the “Sales Prospecting Partnership” proposal you can download.

It will be a valuable learning experience for the student and the sponsor.

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