This robot-run 3D printing farm is the future of light manufacturing

A 3D printing farm in Brooklyn needed to scale up to handle large production runs and better compete with injection molding. Until recently, that would have required investing in more 3D printers and additional manpower to run the machines, eliminating many of the cost advantages inherent in 3D printing. Voodoo Manufacturing invested in a single robot, […]

International Print Day 2017 – Help Spread the Ink!

Did you know that today is a printers holiday?!?!  International Print Day 2017 is today!  Get out there and celebrate.  Today is all about making print trend.  Get it into your vocab and help spread the word. On OCTOBER 18, 2017 take to your social channels to SHARE information related to Print and Integrated Marketing and include the […]

Inside the Pantone Color Factory – A Look Inside

Designers and artists all over the world use Pantone’s color factory produced guides to make sure their blue is actually blue. Like a Webster’s dictionary for color, Pantone guides are a standard against which anyone can check their own work. Just who is Pantone?  Pantone Inc. is a corporation headquartered in Carlstadt, New Jersey.[1] The company is best known […]

Why Direct Mail is More Effective than Email

We could not help but share with you from our friends at Mohawk Paper. 10 Reasons Direct Mail is More Effective than Email There are certain questions that are sure to spark a lively conversation. Dogs or cats? Waffles or pancakes? Coca-Cola or Pepsi? Inside marketing circles, few questions stir as much discussion as the well-established […]

Guinness World Record Poster Printed

Germany based Verseidag seemee, a manufacturer of printable materials for the sign, digital and screen printing industries, announces the movie poster “Boss”, printed on Verseidag seemee mesh extra material, sets a new Guinness World Record. The fan club of the Bollywood star Akshay Kumar actualized the larger-than-life poster in association with the UK-based digital printer Macro Art to attend the […]

Branding in 2017: Reliable, Respectful, Real

Traditional retail giant, Sears, is making itself obsolete at a spectacular pace. Micro-businesses owned and operated by a single employee are thriving. Things that have worked in the past aren’t working anymore and the world of business management has been turned on its head. What’s going on? Before we dive in, let’s clarify a few […]

Programmatic Printing drives Direct Mail

Print is old fashioned. Print is expensive. Print is slow. There are many ways to articulate the decline and death of this paper-based medium, but don’t declare it down for the count just yet. The same programmatic forces that have revolutionized the digital advertising and marketing industries are making their way into a format that […]