Pizza Hut built turntables into a pizza box

Pizza Hut is following in the international pizza chain tradition of including tech-infused features along with its sub-par pies (don’t @ me), but its newest product may be the best one yet. The company’s UK division has built a working turntable into a pizza box. The DJ pizza box was created in partnership with Novalia and […]

Off Register – Certifiably S.I.C.K.

UUGH!  Is it Friday yet?  Almost there.  Off Register is here to help. Have a laugh with us – Certifiably S.I.C.K. from the Off Register team – In this episode, Kat demands that the entire print team gets S.I.C.K. certified—Sustaining Inner Corporate Kindness. A certifiably S.I.C.K. auditor arrives to evaluate the press, but things aren’t […]

Print Dead at age 1,803

NEW YORK—Sources close to print, the method of applying ink to paper in order to convey information to a mass audience, have confirmed that the declining medium passed away early Thursday morning. The influential means of communication was 1,803. Print, which had for nearly two millennia worked tirelessly to spread knowledge around the globe in […]

Pantone Color of the Year for 2016

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2016 is Rose Quartz & Serenity I love posting about the Pantone color of the year and 2016 will be no different.  I picture a room full of designers using words for colors that are far too complex for my brain to understand.  Titian, Luscious, Bisque, and Vermillion […]

Six Unique Marketing Uses of Print

We sure hope you haven’t hit that Friday Funk.  If you have, perhaps these six unique marketing uses of print will zest up your day and recharge your creative batteries.  Marketing and print have long gone hand in hand, but these unusual ways of placing ink on products really sparked our creativity. 1. Y+ Yoga Center […]

Blame the Fanatny Rod

Problems on press?!?! – Sappi “Off Register” has a great solution to hold your client off – blame the fanatny rod.  Nothing like a solid chuckle to start your Friday morning.  Big thanks to Sappi and their team for this video from 2011. ~Source: Sappi – Fanatny Rod

History of Press Printing

The history of press printing is what InkOnDaPaper brings to you on this fun fact friday.  A walk-through from then until now when it comes to putting ink on paper. Did you learn a new Fun Fact?  We sure did.  1605.  That’s the year the newspaper began.  Pretty cool.  If you learned something new from […]

16 Creative Product Packaging Ideas

In this day and age your packaging needs to be more than just a box to hold your product.  Creative product packaging drives an experience to your customer that will keep them coming back for more.  Why do you grab one product over another?  These Companies have mastered the art of grabbing attention through their […]