The Reason ‘Going Paperless’ May Not Be the Greenest Option

By Samantha St. Pierre When people find out that I advise companies on responsible sourcing of forest products, most immediately light up with excitement to share how their workplace is “green.”  Usually without fail, what makes these workplaces “green” are initiatives to going paperless. And we’ve all received emails that include a line at the […]

With China No Longer a Recycled Paper Market, Municipalities Adjust

HAZELWOOD, Mo. — From aluminum cans to plastic and paper, mountains of material get crunched into bales after winding through a $9 million maze of sorting equipment at Republic Services’ recycling facility in Hazelwood — one of two major processing centers for the St. Louis region’s recyclables. Paper makes up around a third of the […]

A Washable Print Advertisement

This creative poster does a lot more than raise brand awareness.  Full Tilt Cycle is a cycling studio located in Peterborough, Ontario and their most recent ad campaign has a unique twist.  The poster reads, Sweat. Rinse. Repeat. and the letters of the poster are removable detergent based letters.  This creates a washable print advertisement. […]

How this Eco-Friendly Paper is Made from Oranges

Crush is the innovative eco-friendly paper made by Favini replacing up to 15% of virgin tree pulp with 9 natural raw materials: the process residues from citrus and kiwi fruits, corn, coffee, olives, hazelnuts, almonds, lavender and cherries. The video tells the life cycle of one of these materials, the citrus fruits! Italy is one […]

Powercoat Alive – Adding Content to Paper

Powercoat Alive – Deliver Interactive Content in Your Paper | NewsWatch Review from NewsWatch Television on Vimeo. Everyone is talking about it in the technology world- NFC or Near Field Communication. Rooted in radio-frequency identification tech, NFC has recently gained high popularity in recent years due to its integration with mobile devices. Now here comes a solution to make it even […]

Ikea Wants You to Pee on This Ad

Swedish agency Åkestam Holst, Adweek’s International Agency of the Year for 2017, has been killing it with the Ikea work in recent years. And it starts out 2018 with a splash (sorry) by creating a magazine ad that women are encouraged to pee on. Sounds a bit gross, and maybe it is—but there’s a fun twist. If you’re pregnant, […]

Why Direct Mail is More Effective than Email

We could not help but share with you from our friends at Mohawk Paper. 10 Reasons Direct Mail is More Effective than Email There are certain questions that are sure to spark a lively conversation. Dogs or cats? Waffles or pancakes? Coca-Cola or Pepsi? Inside marketing circles, few questions stir as much discussion as the well-established […]