The ‘Go-To’ Information Source for Inkjet Production Printing

As production Inkjet printing continues to take the industry by storm I wanted to provide you with a go-to source for all news and information. Printing Impressions has launched an Inkjet Production Printing Industry Center as part of its Website, Back in June Printing Impressions was part of a the Inkjet Summit 2013 that provided information on Inkjet […]

A picture guide to Silkscreen

I frequent and one day it popped up with a great picture tutorial on silkscreen posters. Not necessarily a walk through guide to use, but a great step by step picture portrayal of how a Silkscreen poster is produced. Here are and few images that I liked, followed by the link of the photo […]

Prepare to be AMAZED!

Hydrographics.  Ever heard of it?  I hadn’t until recently.  Graphics we all know, but hydro – doesn’t that mean water?  This process of applying graphics to non flat objects is something out of a science fiction movie.  Basically – water transfer printing.  Sounds weird right? Wikipedia explains it as: Hydrographics, also known as immersion printing, water transfer […]

G7 Overview : The Art of Maintaining Color

Color obviously is a huge part of the printing process and maintaining consistent color across multiple platforms and stocks is important to keeping customers. A few years back IDEAlliance came out with the G7 System Certification Program which is designed to evaluate the ability of a candidate system to calibrate a printing device to meet the G7 […]