Stochastic Printing vs. Conventional Printing

FM, AM, XM, Hybrid, Staccato, Segundo, stochastic, conventional, 200 lpi, 175 lpi, 20 micron, 10 micron, first order, second order; what is the difference between stochastic printing vs. conventional printing? NOTE: Screening is the process after rasterizing PDF files in the RIP (raster image processor) during prepress. Halftone screening is done through software and creates very small dots, […]

Industrial Screen Printing: A Bright Future Ahead

Think screen printing is only used for decorating promotional items? You might be surprised! When you hear “screen printing”, your mind probably goes to decorative applications: t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and signs. If you’re a screen printing professional, you might be concerned about the future of your craft, as other printing methods like direct-to-garment printing have encroached on […]

The Science of Printing Currency

Money is nothing more than a medium of exchange. For hundreds of years the science of printing paper currency has reigned supreme – our ancestors didn’t have to lug around gold coins when they wanted to buy goods and services (more money really did mean more problems!). Paper currency began when individuals brought gold to […]

The 5 phases of silkscreen printing

I grew up silkscreen printing. I had the unique opportunity to work when I was very young (about age 10), and though a bit mundane, it was a summer job that paid well enough to make some serious headway for my college fund. So while my friends were water skiing, camping, going to the movies, […]

MIT's History Workshop – The Book

A group of MIT students briefly put away their cell phones this spring to concentrate on a much older information storage and retrieval device: the book. In a hands-on humanities class — Making Books: The Renaissance and Today (21H.343) — students gained insights about early books and book-making technology, not least by actually making paper […]

How to manage color

Color management tools enable print service providers (PSPs) to ensure color accuracy on jobs that may be printed on multiple devices or repeat jobs on the same device. Toby Saalfield, U.S. director, color management, Ricoh Americas Corporation, believes in today’s digital printing world, color plays an important role. “From producing eye-catching colors in signage, to […]


By Erik J. Martin, special to The Content Wrangler Here’s a news flash hot off the presses: old school bookmaking and antique printing techniques are making a comeback, despite the digital age. And folks with an artistic flair and a yen for creating something with their own hands stand to benefit—thanks to the San Francisco […]

How Does "AutoPen" Work?

The autopen machine is a great marketing tool and every time it hits my mailbox it catches my eye.  It certainly gives a personal touch to the Direct Mail piece. Ever wonder how that machine works? It all began with President Jefferson and this crude machine From there, it transformed into what we see today. […]

Printing a Book, the Old School Way

Have the flourescent lights burned your brain for the day?  Your back may hurt from the same desk chair day in and out, or your feet from standing at the delivery of a press in a worn pair of shoes.  Well IODP has a solution for you on this hot and humid Wednesday Afternoon.  Printing a […]