Maintaining Brand Consistency with Promotional Products

Your brand encompasses everything that customers perceive of your company. The logo, color scheme, tone and voice, with any aspect of your branding, you want to convey a consistent message. Promotional products are an excellent and effective way to promote your business and it’s easy to maintain brand consistency through your item choices. Here are […]

Keeping Color Consistent

Color is a very important part of branding. It’s often the first thing someone will remember about a brand and can affect how they feel towards a company. There is a significant amount of thought and time that’s put into choosing the right brand color. Keeping that color consistent across both digital and print is […]

Pantone Before Pantone was Pantone

That post title is sure to be a mouthful, but how better do you explain the first ever color matching booklet.  A time long before Pantone.  Sure, Pantone and their staff are the modern day marvels of color but of course someone was doing it prior to them…right? Back in 1692 an artist known only as “A. […]

Common print layout mistakes to avoid

Sometimes the world of print layouts may seem strange and unfamiliar. Whether you’re creating business cards, postcards, wedding stationery, posters or flyers, avoiding common print blunders is easy when you know how. Here’s our run down of the top three most overlooked aspects when setting up files for print, and how you can easily avoid […]

Four Creative Ways to Elevate Your Collateral

How can meeting planners create the kind of top-notch collateral that attendees have grown accustomed to while keeping a lid on ever-tighter budgets? In the past, complex and expensive four-color off-set printing was reserved for only the biggest events, but digital printing has dramatically improved over the years and offers all sorts of new capabilities, […]