Keeping Creativity Alive: Pantone Connect Offers FREE Access

In an effort to keep the design community well supported and united during COVID-19, Pantone Connect is free for the next 3 months From now until July 1st, the Pantone Connect Extension for Abode’s Creative Cloud will be available through unlimited and free access. Pantone aims to support the design community during this time, where […]

Maintaining Brand Consistency with Promotional Products

Your brand encompasses everything that customers perceive of your company. The logo, color scheme, tone and voice, with any aspect of your branding, you want to convey a consistent message. Promotional products are an excellent and effective way to promote your business and it’s easy to maintain brand consistency through your item choices. Here are […]

Create Color Palettes From Your Instagram Photos

Pantone has launched Pantone Studio, an addictive new iPhone app aimed at young, digital-savvy designers and Instagram-happy color-lovers who might get a kick out of creating personalized color palettes on their smartphones captured from selfies and snapshots and matched to Pantone’s color library of more than 10,000 hues. Designed by digital agency Rokkan, the new app replaces the company’s MyPantone app from […]

Keeping Color Consistent

Color is a very important part of branding. It’s often the first thing someone will remember about a brand and can affect how they feel towards a company. There is a significant amount of thought and time that’s put into choosing the right brand color. Keeping that color consistent across both digital and print is […]

A "Barbecue Bible" that Literally Helps You Cook

The print creativity coming out of Brazil always gets me excited.  We previously posted on two Nivea ads – A Cellphone Charging Ad and a Kid tracking system – that we thought were above and beyond what you can imagine with print.  Today’s post on the Barbecue Bible may actually beat both of those combined. Found on […]