Printers Row Losing Its Last Printer

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago was once the publishing capital of the world for books, magazines, and catalogs. From the late 19th century through much of the 20th century, most of the work was done in one city neighborhood As CBS 2’s Jim Williams reports, Printers Row is losing the last link to its past. “There’s something special about being here […]

Looking for Chicago’s Printers Row? It’s on Ravenswood

In January, the announced sale of the Palmer Printing plant at 739 S. Clark Street made official what has long felt like an inevitability: there are no more printers in Printer’s Row. Once one of the nation’s liveliest printing hubs, the Printer’s Row neighborhood hasn’t lived up to its name for decades. Following the exodus of industry giants like […]

Will we see you at Graph Expo 2015?

It is that time of year again where the print world descents on the wonderful city of Chicago. All the latest and greatest equipment is on display along with workshops and seminars discussing everything from industry trends to how to increase sales. If you are new to Graph Expo I would take in as much […]

Laser Diecutting and Digital Creasing with Highcon Euclid

Graph expo brought a ton of cool products to Chicago, but none as cool as the Highcon Euclid laser die cutting and digital creasing machine.  I just so happened to miss seeing this thing in action, but luckily youtube had my back on this one.  Here is part 1 – Impressive right?  That section about […]

Graph Expo-Digital Color Printing

Graph Expo-Digital Color Printing By: Bob Hall There is little doubt that digital color has already stolen the show. In fact, offset iron’s presence at GRAPH EXPO/PRINT shows has been in steady decline for some time. Any pundit or prognosticator you consult will tell you that digital color has steadily outpaced offset color in growth […]

It's Not too Late to Integrate – with Graph Expo 2014

Graph expo 2014 comes to a close this afternoon – so you have just a few more hours to catch this amazing show this year. For a great overview of Graph Expo 2014  – check out this great video provided by the team at Graph Expo. . This may be the best week for print sales […]

Check out the Marketing Pavilion at Graph Expo

Marketing Pavilion at Graph Expo The highly popular Marketing Pavilion returns for GRAPH EXPO 14 offering printers and marketers the opportunity to network with peers and talk to experts looking to help them make an impact. Below are some of the companies exhibiting within the Pavilion. Direct Smile GmbH (Booth 1570) invented image personalization in […]