How to 3D Print Your Own Baby Universe

Researchers at Imperial College London have created a 3D printable model of a cosmic microwave background (CMB). Being a generous gang of academics, they’ve also shared the files so you can make one at home. If you’re unsure what exactly a CMB is, allow us to illuminate. It’s a glow that the universe has in the microwave range.Basically, it […]

Getting Practical with 3D Printing

3D Printing is everywhere.  You can’t click through design blogs anymore without constantly seeing newer and cooler applications for this “print” process.  We have even seen companies start 3d printing their own circuit boards – check it out Here.  Digging back through our old posts you will find at least 10 about some form of 3D […]

Bringing Art to the Blind

Since the invention of Braille nearly 200 years ago, advocates have worked continuously to improve access to the printed word for the blind. Today, technology makes access nearly immediate. However, a new challenge exists. The next frontier is to provide the blind with access to photographs and art, not words that describe them, but access […]