Can Digital Inkjet Do Direct Mail?

This is a great topic because many clients are looking further into digital inkjet today and trying to understand how it can help their business. We have been running the HP T200 Digital Inkjet Web Press for 2 years now and the issues that have come up in that time for direct mail applications are paper stocks, inks, coating and how a piece will look after it goes through the mail stream.

The digital inkjet is ideal for direct mail because each piece can be completely different from each other with full color variable data. The issues were markers having the data, the paper, inks and coating. Most of those have worked themselves out and we are starting to see more marketers looking to use the digital inkjet equipment for more than just letter packages. Now more self-mailers and postcard programs are being produced off the digital inkjet because of the speed, costs and overall full color variable data capabilities.

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