Bringing Art to the Blind


Since the invention of Braille nearly 200 years ago, advocates have worked continuously to improve access to the printed word for the blind. Today, technology makes access nearly immediate.

However, a new challenge exists. The next frontier is to provide the blind with access to photographs and art, not words that describe them, but access to the actual images.

3DPhotoWorks has devoted nearly 7 years to developing a solution. Our process converts any painting, drawing, collage or photograph to a 3 Dimensional Tactile Fine Art Print. Our prints have length, width, depth and texture. Using their fingertips, the blind experience our prints through tactile feedback. This feedback creates a mental picture that allows the blind to “see” (their words) the art, often for the first time.

Sensors are embedded throughout the print that when activated by touch, provide custom audio that grows the narrative.

Check this out!

Just one small step in the world of 3D printing.  What a great practical application for this new technology.

There are 285 million blind and sight impaired worldwide. In the US, 1 person goes blind every 11 minutes.

In North America there are 35,000 museums. That’s more museums than there are McDonalds and Starbucks combined.

Our goal is to provide the blind with access to art and photography at every museum, every science center and every cultural institution, first in this country and then beyond.

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