Breaking Print Blog Records

Today InkOnDaPaper is breaking Print Blog Records.  Creating history.  Not your typical record-breaking event,

but a milestone here at InkOnDaPaper nonetheless.

Today we reach 400 blog posts!

I don’t know of a print blog with more!  To admit, I haven’t really looked : )

What started as a way for Jason and I to geek out about print, has turned into a true passion for both of us.  400 posts is no small number.  My wife was correct(please don’t tell her) almost a year ago – to this very day the hardest part about writing a blog like this is keeping the content fresh.  It’s not always easy to scower the interwebs looking for things related to print.

As our first year at InkOnDaPaper comes to the end, we have some great changes on the horizon.

#1 – refaced the website.  We really like the layout – and we hope you do too.  Please share some feedback with us!

#2  – content revamp.  All next week will be “Cool Project Week”.  we have two projects preloaded but we are looking for more.  Both cool projects thus far come from our reader base, and were submitted either through the site or sent to the InkOnDaPaper office.

Now it is your turn – send us something cool!  Do you have a cool project on your desk you want to share?  Please send us a link, tweet at us, take a picture and snail mail us or contact us through our site Here


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