BREAKING NEWS: I still have Benny Awards envy

Anyone remember my post from this time last year – True Life – I have Benny Envy?  If you can’t recall it, that’s OK, I will bring you back up to speed.  The Benny awards are given from the Printing Industries of America for top notch printing.  The PIA have once again started their push to name the “best of the best” in all things related to Print for their 2015 competition and I’m sure the Benny Awards (the actual physical awards) are well into production or already sparkling in a warehouse somewhere in the US.

For those of you on the edge of your seat – there is no best printing blog category again this year.  I guess I will have to resort to Ebay purchases or estate sales to find this missing piece in my print collection.

A little background on the Premier Print Awards –

This prestigious international competition honors the top printers in the industry for their stellar printing capabilities. With more than 100 categories recognizing every division of the printing industry, the competition features categories for binders, magazines, posters, packaging and labels, innovation, green printing, digital printing, and more! 
The Premier Print Awards also features several sub-categories based on company size or printing process. The sub-categories based on company size are to ensure like-size companies compete with each other. Printers may also enter one piece into multiple categories or several pieces into one category. For a full listing of all categories, visit 

A true honor it would be to receive one of these.  I’ll keep crossing my fingers for the “Best Printing Blog” Category.  Until then, I’ll search the internet top to bottom.  I once knew a gentlemen who was part of a Fantasy Football league where one of these was the trophy.  The kid didn’t even know what he had!

For those of you interested in submitting this year – you can follow this link to the official Premier Print Awards Website – LINK

Have one you want to sell?  See one for sale online and I missed it?  please share below!


~Source: Premier Print Awards

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