Big weekend in Silkscreen

Not in the industry – but in my world!  My wife a few months back purchased me a gift card at a local print shop for a 3 hour session.  Chicago Printmakers Collaborative.  This place has all sorts of printing presses and processes under 1 roof, but the main reason she bought me the gift card was their silkscreen department.

I had wanted to do silkscreen at home for some time now, but it has taken me forever to finally get to it.  I purchased 3 yards of screen on Ebay and stretched it over old picture frames I had lying around the house.  I stapled the screen around the perimeter, and then I added a bead of glue and duct tape to finish the edges.





Blick sold me a quart of emulsion made by Ulano, and last week I locked myself in the closet and made my own at home darkroom so I could spread the emulsion with a scoop coater.




Saturday I shot down to the CPC, and exposed the emulsion via a large vacuum light table – 6 minutes each screen.  Washed it out in the bathtub and BAM – i’m ready!





Stay tuned as the prints come out – but for now this is the only sneak peek you will get.



2 thoughts on “Big weekend in Silkscreen

  1. DIY screen printing is a ton of fun. I found a bolt of sheer curtain material at a Goodwill for a couple dollars and have made lots of screens out of that. It’s not as durable as true silkscreen mesh but for the money it still does an amazing job.

    Look forward to seeing the prints!

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