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Wheeling, IL – SG360º a Segerdahl company has announced the acquisition of the direct mail printing company, Lehigh Direct, a division of VISANT. This proudly brings together two of the nation’s premier direct mail companies, which combined have a history of serving direct marketers nationally for almost 150 years.

Together, the two companies combined become one of the nation’s largest in-line variable imaging direct mail service providers. The acquisition expands the breadth and services of SG360º to include a multitude of four-color in-line variable imaging web presses, as well as industry-leading data programming.

SG360º now oversees the printing and mailing of more than two billion direct mail pieces annually, with total revenues of more than $300 million. SG360º’s current production capacity will double and boost its total team of experienced print and branding professionals to more than 600 strong. In addition, the company’s operating facilities are expanding to more than 950,000 square feet.

“The blending of Lehigh Direct and SG360º exemplifies our commitment to being the best at providing our existing and future customers the most diverse and expansive expertise in the direct marketing industry,” said Rick Joutras, SG360º chairman, president and chief executive officer. “Lehigh’s web facility, technologies and people will further expand SG360º’s offerings.”

In 2012, SG360º began an aggressive strategy to build on its foundation as a nationally known, world-class printer with variable in-line web, sheet-fed offset and variable digital — and evolve into an Empirical Multi-Channel Integration company providing its customers with world-class brand services spanning strategy to consumer insights to design and marketing.

This evolution of SG360º has resulted in the growth of business, staff, technologies, competencies and facilities. SG360º’s campus operations now include four buildings — three in Wheeling, Illinois and one in Broadview, Illinois.

SG360º ‘s customers are some of the nation’s most well-known luxury/clothing retailers, entertainment, food, electronic, financial, insurance and home/hardware retailers. The company is involved in almost every industry — from finance to healthcare to automotive and other service industries, including some of the world’s largest advertising agencies.

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