We Have Made the BIG LEAGUE!

Yesterday something incredible happened here at InkOnDaPaper.  Most didn’t notice it – in fact, maybe only 25+ people did – but we sure noticed.

This blog started as a way for Jason and I to share our love for printing.  Not just as a salesman or a print buyer but as individuals navigating this amazing industry we know and love.  We wanted a place to share what we were reading, and perhaps create a forum or meeting space for printers all around to collaborate and talk about industry trends.

Well yesterday folks, WE MADE IT.


On November 6th, InkOnDaPaper made it to the front page of Printingsbestblogs.com.  We couldn’t be more ecstatic.  Mega thank you to the team over there for thinking we are worthy enough of such a honor.  We promise to keep the good content coming.

You can check it out here (bottom right):


Pretty amazing don’t you think?!?!

For all of our local Chicagoans, keep your eyes peeled because Jason and I will be dancing all over this city today.

We sure are having fun putting Ink On Da Paper – we hope you all are enjoying it too.

Feedback? Suggestions?  Articles you want featured on the site?  Feel free to send them our way!

~Brian and Jason

8 thoughts on “We Have Made the BIG LEAGUE!

  1. Congratulations guys and keep those articles coming. Although I am not “in” the industry I enjoy learning more about all things print.

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