A "Barbecue Bible" that Literally Helps You Cook

The print creativity coming out of Brazil always gets me excited.  We previously posted on two Nivea ads – A Cellphone Charging Ad and a Kid tracking system – that we thought were above and beyond what you can imagine with print.  Today’s post on the Barbecue Bible may actually beat both of those combined.

Found on PrintmediaCentr.com –

JWT Brazil produced a limited amount of “Barbecue Bibles” that are meant to be USED in the cooking process. Starting from square one, a page made of charcoal is ignited by another page provided to get the fire going, and another to fan it. Another page can be used to sharpen your knife, another to wrap food in foil. Turning the pages reveals an APRON, a cloth filled with seasoning, a cutting board, a serving tray… AND MORE!”

I don’t even know where these Ad Companies come up with such great ideas.  So many print processes must have gone into making just 1 book – It makes me wonder how large the print run was.

Only a video can do the “Barbecue Bible’ justice,

Starting with the charcoal, I was amazed.  I think my jaw hit the floor when we reached the salt.  How do they even do that?!?!  My print collection yearns for something this creative!

Ever seen a book more print savvy?  I’d love to hear about it below.

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