The Dark Side of Screen Time

There’s a question that’s been asked since the early beginnings of digital communication over 30 years ago.  That question has been the focus of many debates, discussions, articles and research papers, as well as arguments between billions of parents and their children all over the world. It’s preoccupied governments, academics, companies, organisations and brands, and […]

Basic Guide to Digital Printing

More and more entrepreneurs are jumping in, so here is a guide to digital printing. Some are startups looking for a new business opportunity, but most are experienced sign professionals upgrading from vinyl graphics. Either way, there are important factors, and potential pitfalls that must be considered. Taking the plunge without thoughtful planning can complicate […]

Pirate Printer = Raubdruckerin

Sometimes you just need to pause and look around you.  Things go by so fast that you may stop and miss the simple art right beneath your feet.  The art team behind this Raubdruckerin, meaning pirate printer, is using sewer covers and street vents to create one of kind bags and shirts.  Bouncing around the city […]

How this Eco-Friendly Paper is Made from Oranges

Crush is the innovative eco-friendly paper made by Favini replacing up to 15% of virgin tree pulp with 9 natural raw materials: the process residues from citrus and kiwi fruits, corn, coffee, olives, hazelnuts, almonds, lavender and cherries. The video tells the life cycle of one of these materials, the citrus fruits! Italy is one […]