The Reason ‘Going Paperless’ May Not Be the Greenest Option

By Samantha St. Pierre When people find out that I advise companies on responsible sourcing of forest products, most immediately light up with excitement to share how their workplace is “green.”  Usually without fail, what makes these workplaces “green” are initiatives to going paperless. And we’ve all received emails that include a line at the […]

With China No Longer a Recycled Paper Market, Municipalities Adjust

HAZELWOOD, Mo. — From aluminum cans to plastic and paper, mountains of material get crunched into bales after winding through a $9 million maze of sorting equipment at Republic Services’ recycling facility in Hazelwood — one of two major processing centers for the St. Louis region’s recyclables. Paper makes up around a third of the […]

Printers Row Losing Its Last Printer

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago was once the publishing capital of the world for books, magazines, and catalogs. From the late 19th century through much of the 20th century, most of the work was done in one city neighborhood As CBS 2’s Jim Williams reports, Printers Row is losing the last link to its past. “There’s something special about being here […]

These 6 trends are shaping the future of print

“We always hear print is dead, but the truth is print is very viable. It’s not just about ‘how many pieces of paper can I get off the end of the press’ anymore. It’s about looking what’s out there, being creative and using print to add value in so many different areas”, print industry expertsCary Sherburne and […]

The Dark Side of Screen Time

There’s a question that’s been asked since the early beginnings of digital communication over 30 years ago.  That question has been the focus of many debates, discussions, articles and research papers, as well as arguments between billions of parents and their children all over the world. It’s preoccupied governments, academics, companies, organisations and brands, and […]

American Flag Sales Bask in New Glory

American Flag Sales are increasing. In the flag business, summertime is like Christmas. After Memorial Day weekend, there’s Flag Day (June 14) and the Fourth of July, which all give sales a healthy boost. Eder Flag Manufacturing Co. in Oak Creek says it’s having a banner year. Sales are up 15%!  A high political climante […]

At U.S. Flag Factory, Pride is Stitched Together

There is a great deal of pride in Gary Gibson’s job. He works as the director of operations for Annin Flagmakers at its 186,000-square-foot South Boston, Virginia, plant. He is one of many who helps the manufacturer produce 10 million flags per year. “I was in the Army for three years,” Gibson said. “After serving in the […]

Basic Guide to Digital Printing

More and more entrepreneurs are jumping in, so here is a guide to digital printing. Some are startups looking for a new business opportunity, but most are experienced sign professionals upgrading from vinyl graphics. Either way, there are important factors, and potential pitfalls that must be considered. Taking the plunge without thoughtful planning can complicate […]