How Are You Spending National Book Lovers Day?

From clay tablets in the third millennium B.C. to e-books in the second millennium A.D., books have played a crucial role in preserving cultures, educating the masses, and entertaining us for thousands and thousands of years. If you have ever read a book, you have Johannes Gutenberg to thank—with the invention of the printing press […]

A Washable Print Advertisement

This creative poster does a lot more than raise brand awareness.  Full Tilt Cycle is a cycling studio located in Peterborough, Ontario and their most recent ad campaign has a unique twist.  The poster reads, Sweat. Rinse. Repeat. and the letters of the poster are removable detergent based letters.  This creates a washable print advertisement. […]

5 Awesome Examples of Interactive Print Ads

You may have seen some of these featured before on our site.  These are the best examples of interactive print ads we could find.  Massive brands like Ford, Nivea, and even Motorola use interactive ads to drive innovation and new products forward.  Utilizing this modern technology and blending it with print creates a special experience […]

Photicular Book Printing – A New Take on Lenticular

Photicular book printing.  Ever heard of it?  Not too likely.  Even my spellcheck has an issue with that one.  But it does exist, and man is it cool!  From the mind of Dan Kainen, photicular printing is a new take on the old methods used for Lenticular Printing.  In photicular books, the screen moves forcing the lenticular […]

The History of the 8.5 x 11 – An Unfortunate Tale

The unfortunate size of office paper is why we double-space our documents. Picsfive/Shutterstock The dimensions of American office paper are standardized so thoroughly, they seem almost naturally occurring — something inherent in the idea of office paper (that is, until you go to Europe, where letter paper is longer and narrower). The 8.5″ x 11″ […]