Need attention? Think PRINT!

This writer outlines how printed magazines and newspapers are going to have great futures because of the digital onslaught on our limited attention spans. He goes on to outline that the we as humans have a very limited attention span and that with so many digital options they are all competing against each other. Now with print magazines and newspapers he outlines that they are dedicated devices, where as digital magazines share there devices with thousands of other digital magazines and tools.

I have to agree with the writer that for some print with continue to be a break from the digital world and become more attractive because it is different. I agree that the future is digital media, but I also believe that print will find its niche in the magazine and newspaper industry because people will get sick of constantly reading everything on their tablet.

Do you agree that you are starting to prefer print magazines to digital? Honestly I haven’t strayed away from the print magazines.

Let us know your thoughts.

Source: Memeburn

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