A Mini Paper Mill Tour

If you are a printer, buyer or designer that has been on a paper mill tour, then you may already be familiar with the science and technology of paper making. But for those of you that haven’t walked the steamy rooms of a mill, the process and the scale of the manufacturing may be hard to visualize or comprehend. As with learning anything new, it’s sometimes easier to see it to finally understand it, so here are two short videos that will take you on your personal tour of two of our mill partners, Neenah (an uncoated mill) and Sappi (a coated mill). Once you see the basic process, it is fascinating to discover how each mill will tweak their techniques and “paper recipe” to make their paper unique, special or superior. It’s truly a process of science combined with craftsmanship and the proof is in a well-made sheet of paper.


A quick 5-minute tour through the Neenah Paper shows the basics of paper making. The machines are smaller, which allows flexibility for special makes, and run slower, which gives them control of the quality of the formation of the sheet.

The process is explained in further detail starting from the wood chips, fibers and coating to finishing in this 15-minute video from Sappi.

~Source: Field Paper

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