Photicular Book Printing – A New Take on Lenticular

Photicular book printing.  Ever heard of it?  Not too likely.  Even my spellcheck has an issue with that one.  But it does exist, and man is it cool!  From the mind of Dan Kainen, photicular printing is a new take on the old methods used for Lenticular Printing.  In photicular books, the screen moves forcing the lenticular […]

How in the!?!?! Lenticular Explained

 Every day, there are hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of advertising messages knocking on your head trying to gain access to the part of your brain that decides to buy things. With so much money at stake, it’s hardly surprising that advertisers go to such extraordinary lengths to catch our attention. The only trouble is, our brains habituate: […]

Gifpop! A Company Printing Lenticular GIFS

Ever wanted a Printed GIF image? So you can paste it on your fridge, or gift a friend? It is now a reality through this Kickstarter funded campaign turned company – GIFPOP.  Their motto – Gifs aren’t just for screens anymore. Gifpop brings animated gifs to life with the magic of lenticular printing This project intends to […]

Print techniques that say a lot about your brand without saying anything at all

Art effects and specialty print techniques (which perform better on coated paper) are sensational avenues to reach that coveted status as an instantly recognized and exciting brand. The following are a few of our favorite finish and special effect examples. They create unique tactile experiences and can engage your audience with your brand in a […]

Hot New Products to See at PRINT 17

Here’s a sampling of just some of the new products that will be highlighted during PRINT 17 Sept. 10-14 in Chicago. Visit for more info on the show. The Océ Colorado 1640 roll-to-roll printer from Canon USA. The Océ Colorado 1640 printer, from Canon Solutions America, Large Format Solutions – LFS, will be spotlighted. With top speeds […]