5 years of InkOnDaPaper


Today marks a huge milestone for the InkOnDaPaper team.  It was 5 years ago today, August 22nd, when we founded this little blog.  We were sitting in a small apartment kitchen in Chicago’s River North neighborhood when our wives told us we should “STOP TALKING ABOUT PRINTING SO MUCH!”.  It may not have been those exact words, but you get the idea.  We realized we needed a vent for all things print related.  This blog was our way to talk about printing and share our enthusiasm with our peers.

Things have come a LONG way since that first post.  Just shy of 1000 posts we have tried to stay true to our roots and always bring you an even look at our industry and the changes it faces.  We love the Printing Industry!  Print touches everything from Direct Mail through packaging, promotional products and apparel too, and we are eager to keep sharing print news with you.

Speaking of our first ever post – check out how simple this was!

The New $100.00 Bill

As you can imagine, with 975+ under the belt we have had quite a few hot posts over the years.  A few of our best were in regards to interactive print, direct mail and packaging.  Because of this, we will strive to push more of that information to you.

The passion that started this blog hasn’t wavered, we are still here and enthusiastic about helping the printing industry.   Do you have an uncontrollable love for the Graphic Arts Industry and want to share it with the world? We’d be happy to have you help.  Feel free to reach out on the contact us page or in the comments below.

Thank you for all your support and helping “spread the ink”,


~Brian & Jason – The Team @ InkOnDaPaper

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