The 5 phases of silkscreen printing

I grew up silkscreen printing. I had the unique opportunity to work when I was very young (about age 10), and though a bit mundane, it was a summer job that paid well enough to make some serious headway for my college fund. So while my friends were water skiing, camping, going to the movies, and lounging their summers away, I was feeding bottles into print machines. It is because of my well-spent childhood that I am able to write this post today.

The silkscreen printing process is more of an art than a science due to its analog nature. That said, some of the finest packaging, in my opinion, is the minimalist look of ink applied directly to the container or closure. So, how does silk printing work? How do I prepare artwork for a silk print? What is the process? All of these questions, and more, are answered below:

silkscreen printing

~Source: Container Packaging Supply – 5 phases of silk printing

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