40 Awesome Pantone Products

We’re no strangers to the world of Pantone Products. In fact, we’re a whole crew of Pantone fanatics here at InkOnDaPaper.  But there’s so much more to the world of Pantone than toothbrushes and notebooks (though those are pretty darn awesome). Here are 40 pieces of Pantone awesomeness that you can buy, DIY, or just swoon over from afar.

pantone products

1. The Pantone Hotel: Planning a trip to Europe in the near future? Then you’ll definitely want to stop by the Pantone Hotel, for a cup of coffee, a color-coordinated bike ride, or just for a few photos.

2. Pantone Universe Paint Collection: Valspar Paint has just introduced a Pantone Universe collection, and we’re pretty pumped, if for the packaging alone.

3. DIY Pantone Chip Magnets: What to do with extra Pantone chips? Turn them into magnets, of course. (via How About Orange)

4. Pantone Notebook ($15): We’ve seen a couple of these notebooks floating around Brit HQ – they are the perfect place to brainstorm.

5. Choctone: A chocolate system based on Pantone? Yes please.

6. Pantone Coffee Cups ($20): We love the colorful cozies on these melamine cups.

7. Pantone x Behance: Pantone has teamed up with Behance to create Pantone Canvas, a olor-sorted way of browsing artwork on the Behance network. Choose any color, vary it as much as you want, and revel in all the tangerine goodness.

8. Pantone Acrylic Paints: Want to make sure what you’re painting matches what you’re printing?

9. Pantone Folding Chairs ($84): These might be the best-looking folding chairs we’ve ever seen.

10. Pantone Letraset Posters x Blues: This piece of wall art is all about old school Pantone systems.

11. Pantone Spray Paint (concept): We really really really want this to exist.

12. Pantone Chip Nails: How awesome are these nails?

13. Printable Party Banner ($9): Hoping to turn your little ones into designers? This adorable banner will definitely help.

14. Pantone Suitcases ($168): Your luggage just got a serious design nerd upgrade.

15. Pantone Toothbrush Set ($7): Ah yes, the aforementioned toothbrushes! These would make a great linen closet treasure for guests crashing at your place.

16. Rubitone: Another item that doesn’t exist but seriously should.

17. Pantone Notebooks ($11): These notebooks are utterly adorable and perfect for showing off your absolute favorite color.

18. Pantone Sugar Bowls: A spoonful of sugar helps the designer make designs!

19. Beertone: Definitely a great gift for the beer-lovers in your life.

20. Pantone Postcards ($18): If you’re a pair of designers in love, these would make a great base for a save the date!

21. Pantone Universe Twin Markers: So. Many. Markers!

22. Pantone iPhone 5 Case ($34): It’s no DIY iPhone case, but it’ll do 😉

23. Pantone Tarts: Genius! We are absolutely in love with these Pantone tarts. (via Emilie Guelpa)

24. Color Swatch Baby Toy ($29): Now that is getting the geek cred in at an early age…!

25. Pantone Book Bags ($40): These basic totes are perfect for farmer’s market finds and air travel.

26. Pantone Easter Eggs: This is definitely the best-looking collection of Easter eggs we’ve ever seen. (via How About Orange)

27. Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year Collection: Sephora has teamed up with Pantone to celebrate the color of the year, Emerald, with an entire beauty collection.

28. Pantone Socks: The more colorful socks, the merrier!

29. Pantone Queen Color Wheel: This genius move by the folks at Leo Burnett will forever make us appreciate the Queen’s colorful fashion choices.

30. Pantone iPad Bookcase ($80): More into the digital notebook than a paper one?

31. Set of 10 Pantone Mugs ($50): Ordering these for Brit + Co… now!

32. Pantone Tray ($45): We love us a good tray, and this ketchup-red color is fun for summer barbecues.

33. Pantone Stairs: Decorate your stairs with the colors you love – just make sure you label them correctly!

34. Pantone Espresso Set ($70): Who says your morning joe has to lack a sense of good design?

35. Pantone Chip Cookies: We love these! Stay tuned for our own Pantone-inspired baking hack later this week.

36. Pantone Diffusers ($19): Wait, Pantone makes aromatic air diffusers? Wow.

37. The Avengers in Pantone: This series of art cards transforms your favorite superheroes into Pantone swatches.

38. Pantone Coasters ($23): For all your colorful cocktails!

39. Pantone Colors Book ($9): This children’s book introduces kids to color theory the Pantone way. The book features 9 colors in 20 shades of each.

40. Pantone Holiday Ornaments ($128 for 10): And last, a little holiday action! Last time we wrote about these, they were only available in the UK and were out of stock. Now we’re happy to see them available at A+R!

What Pantone goodies have you come across online? Got any favorites from the list above? Tell us in the comments below. 

~Source: Brit.co/pantone

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