3D Print These Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween from your friends at InkOnDaPaper!

Have you waited too long to get your Halloween costume or get a last minute invite to a costume party? Now you are stuck trying to figure out a creative costume with only a few days left to put it together. Thankfully if you have access to a 3D printer, there are plenty of great designs to help you out. Here is a collection of some of our favorites.

Brain Hat

If you’re not looking for another “dumb” costume, then look no further. This is a costume idea that’s so smart it’s downright brainy.

Kongo’s Bugging Eyeballs

Angry about how 2017 has been going so far? These 3D printed bulging eyes will help you express yourself with as little ambiguity as a Warner Bros. cartoon character.

Demon Baby Halloween Prop

Creepy and subtle. These 3D printed parts look eery when placed under a shirt. It’s the perfect costume option for the pregnant woman looking to discourage people from touching her belly without permission.

Maleficent Horns

These Maleficent horns come printed in three parts, but glue them together and you have some imposing head gear. (Interested in this project, but not interested in 3D printing? Okay, that’s weird because that’s the whole point of this article… but we’ve still got you covered! Learn how to make custom horns out of foam here).

Dark Mask

This two part mask uses clever design work and elastic threading so the printed jaw moves with your jaw as you speak.

Aurelia, Warrior of Valhalla

No shield maiden (no matter how young) should have to go into battle without protection.

Medieval Shoulder Armor

For another take on shoulder armor, this version comes with insignia.

Wolverine Claws

Wolverine’s claws aren’t complicated, but the iconic design is easy to recognize even if you decide to forgo the yellow spandex.

Yup Yup Martian Eyes

Make yourself a proper Martian with some eyeballs and antennas.


Have you printed your own 3D costume this year?  We’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

-Source: Makezine

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