3D Print Your Face on a LEGO

3d print your face

Ever wanted a LEGO built to your likeness?  Well now we are one step closer thanks to this ETSY shop where you 3D Print Your Face onto your favorite childhood toy.  For a small fee they will 3D print your face and create you the ultimate LEGO accessory – bringing one or all of your LEGO community one step closer to human.  Does this make you uncomfortable yet?  Wait until you see the pictures –


You don’t even have to provide a normal picture – this guy wanted a “joker” themed lego face

Pretty weird to create your own LEGO likeness right?  This company called Funky3DFaces is based out Lincoln Nebraska and they have been on the front end of 3D Printing for quite some time now.  They have created bones for medical uses and even architectural/structural pieces.  Now they are exploring a bit of their creative side.

“Our 3D printers are the only true full color printers (6 million colors) available on the market and the cost of making things is expensive,” says the Funky3DFaces website. “So the mission was to produce something that was small enough to be inexpensive but completely unique and personal to each individual.”

All you have to do is submit two pictures – one facing forward and the other from the side – pay the fee, and after the two weeks your tiny head is printed in sandstone material and delivered to your door.

Whether you’re toying with the idea of being Catwoman, Batman, Luke Skywalker, or Spiderman, build a mini-you and go on new adventures in 2016.

What are your thoughts on custom 3D printed Lego faces?

~Source: The Chive and Good News Network

2 thoughts on “3D Print Your Face on a LEGO

  1. This is very cool and just goes to show how printing (whether its 2D or 3D) can be a novel way to give friends and loved ones gifts. Most good printers will be able to think outside the box and should normally do their best to engage with whatever unique and whacky ideas a client has.

  2. Incredible that now you can scan someone and 3D print their own lego piece that looks like them. This would make excellent gifts if you print their faces haha, they would probably never expect that type of gift. 3D printers are advancing really quickly and soon this fully color printers will be cheap enough to have at home!

    Have a good day!

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