Print Drives America

NEW YORK — January 24, 2017 — Printing Industries Alliance has announced the formation of the Print Drives America Foundation. Marty Maloney, the Executive Vice President of the Printing Industries Alliance, will take on the additional role of Executive Director of the Print Drives America Foundation. Tim Freeman, President of the Printing Industries Alliance, gave […]

CMYK Coasters For Your Drink!

These Coasters Explain CMYK Beautifully What better conversation piece for your home than a set of CMYK Mona Lisa Coasters!  It’s not always easy to explain the printing process to guests but these coasters bring the printing process to your coffee table in an easy to play with and understand format. Printing is a science […]

Direct Mail 2.0

Beginning March 1st a new United States Postal Service (USPS) Discount program lets all US-based direct mail companies qualify for up to 5% off their clients’ postage costs when they sign on to integrate their clients’ campaigns with Google ads using DirectMail2.0. DirectMail2.0, a white-label software available to US-based direct mail companies has been approved […]

Print in 2017

By: Jason Shudy As we all know print has continued to change over the years and print in 2017 will be no different. Many companies tried to remove print and costs that go along with it from marketing campaigns and the customer journey. They found out quickly that print made a much greater impact then […]

So You Need a Typeface

Choosing the best font can be hard.  100 years or so ago, there were 10 choices and they all looked vastly different.  Investing in a typeface was a process, and a heavy one at that.  100’s of small metal chunks just to make up one size of one font.  In this era, typefaces are created and […]

Neenah Packaging: Creating a System for Designers

Before Neenah Packaging could unveil its new Luxury Box Wrap papers with designers and brand managers, it first needed a way to present the immense collection, and highlight the extensive customization that is the cornerstone of this portfolio. Washington DC-based Design Army, the creators of some of Neenah Packaging’s most popular promotions including the Character […]

What you need to know about color

Color is complex. For something so instrumental to our daily lives, the world of color is a deep rabbit hole of subtle nuances and inconsistent schools of thought.  In this post, we explore color at a high level and arm you with some of the technical details you need to know about color and your […]