What to see at Graph Expo

Orlando, FL – GRAPH EXPO 16, the Americas’ premier graphic communications industry event which runs through Wednesday, September 28, opens its doors today in the Orange County Convention Center-North in Orlando, Florida.  Attendees will find hundreds of top industry suppliers, dynamic show floor features, more than 40 co-located events, and a comprehensive slate of educational […]

A Maker’s Field Guide to Texture and Color

The competition for your audiences’ attention has risen to a fever pitch. They are overwhelmed, bombarded with more-more-more, with less and less impact. What we create needs to make a powerful impression to elevate itself from the endless churn of communication. But, how? Introducing A Maker’s Field Guide to Texture and Color, an ambitious and […]


Since the start of the environmental movement, companies have been on the hunt for sustainable business solutions. Some have chosen to create energy-efficient products, while others set up shop in buildings with LEED certification, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Packaging has become one more viable option, allowing businesses to limit their carbon footprint […]

Printing The Pizza Book

I recently went on an excellent adventure of cooking with Mike Bernstein and Aaron Quint from Beats Rye Types. We took a lot of pride in creating and designing The Pizza Book. We needed to ensure that we gave it the love it deserved when taking it from pixels to paper. Going back to print […]