The 5 phases of silkscreen printing

I grew up silkscreen printing. I had the unique opportunity to work when I was very young (about age 10), and though a bit mundane, it was a summer job that paid well enough to make some serious headway for my college fund. So while my friends were water skiing, camping, going to the movies, […]

15 Clever Packaging Ideas

Packaging is a necessary evil – so why not utilize it to it’s fullest.  These 15 clever packaging ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing. 1. A genius coffee lid cup that can also hold creamers and sugar. Designed by Joshua Harris 2. Cord packaging that tears off to become cord ties. […]

Beyond CMYK – New InfoTrends Study

Advances in production digital printing toners and inks are creating new opportunities to capture high value pages that require more than traditional CMYK-based colors. The powerful combination of special effects (white, clear, textures, metallic, fluorescents, etc.) with the unique capabilities of digital printing (personalized and on-demand production) is opening up new applications traditionally produced with […]

How to Make A Printed Graphic Design Portfolio

You may be thinking that printing your design portfolio is outmoded and obsolete. In fact, when you consider that most designers have extensive websites to show off their work, a printed booklet may seem like an inadequate presentation. Instead of regarding a printed portfolio as a cheaper version of an online portfolio, there are several […]

Printing. Broader Than You Think!

By Gerry Mulvaney, European Sales Manager, Landa Digital Printing Eleven days in May and June gave me insight into a number of different print businesses that I do not normally encounter in my daily life as a Landa Business Manager. My many years in offset lithography has given me significant insight into commercial printing, but […]

Bringing Art to the Blind

Since the invention of Braille nearly 200 years ago, advocates have worked continuously to improve access to the printed word for the blind. Today, technology makes access nearly immediate. However, a new challenge exists. The next frontier is to provide the blind with access to photographs and art, not words that describe them, but access […]